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Amanita chocolate LOVE 108gr (18 hearts)
SEASON 09.2022

SEASON 09.2022

A new unique product on the fly agaric market - fly agaric chocolate in the form of HEARTS! Does not contain milk, animal butter or white sugar.
INGREDIENTS: 100% cocoa in briquettes, unrefined cocoa butter in briquettes, coconut sugar, coconut-corn cream, Amanita Muscaria mushroom.
Read more about chocolate HERE

WEIGHT: total weight of 18 hearts - 108 grams. .
Each heart weighs 6 g, where 5 g of chocolate and 1 g of fly agaric.
Daily dosage is not more than one heart!
Amanita chocolate
The difference between let's take a mushroom and chocolate, in a more pronounced effect of the action. If 1 gram of the mushroom is almost not noticeable in sensations, then 1 gram in chocolate gives a very powerful toning effect and at the same time a clear calmness. Ideal to eat before an intense day, as well as for concentration and clarity.

There is a salty taste, due to the content of the fungus in the chocolate. We don't add salt :)

Leave your feedback, question or wish! We will get better :)
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Feedback from our customers

Hi, let's get acquainted
- I'm Ed!
This site belongs to me, I am the one who sells red fly agaric microdosing. I know exactly how useful these mushrooms are, so I am very happy that I am a direct participant in this process.
In Ukraine, the red fly agaric is a legal mushroom, so it can be consumed safely without fear of trouble. As for the quality of our fly agarics, I carefully monitor this personally. I do not collect mushrooms myself, my duties include only organizing it. But, the collection itself, as well as the subsequent drying, I control
myself. Some sand may remain on the caps of our fly agarics. It is very minimal, unfortunately, it is not yet possible to completely get rid of sand today ...
I moved to the Verkhovyna region of the Carpathians from Odessa. But, in order for the parcels to be quickly delivered to other cities in Odessa, my reliable assistant is engaged in shipments. From Verkhovyna, it takes about 3 days
to deliver fly agarics to customers.
We transfer the dried mushrooms into ZIP bags, while removing all the air from the bags as much as possible. Previously, we tried to use a vacuum cleaner, but refused this option due to the fact that the appearance of the mushrooms packed in this way was, to put it mildly, unpresentable.
We have already practiced the delivery of our fly agarics abroad. With the exception of Moldova, all deliveries were successful.
Let's start our cooperation and you will be satisfied with it!
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